What Makes a Good Business Card

A business card is an easy and effective way to get your business information out there to your clients/customers which is why it is important to know and understand what it is that makes a business card effective. If your investing your time and money into business cards you want to make sure they are portraying the right information and in the correct manner. A few tips to remember when creating your personal business card include, keep the most important information at the top, Use different designs and fonts to capture attention and always keep them professional.

Keep Important Information at the Top of the Business Card

The first rule of thumb to follow when creating your personalized business cards is to always keep the most important information closer to the top of the card. Your name and contact information should always be at the top and in a dark bold color or highlighted in order to show importance to that information. When giving someone a business card the first thing their eyes will go to will be what is bold and at the top which is why you want to have your name there front and center. Following your name and contact information should be alternate ways of contacting you and your business professional title/company you represent. Although this information is important to, it is of lesser importance than your full name and first method of contact that they would need to use to reach you.

Utilize Fun Designs and Different Fonts

Another thing that makes for a good business card is a good design and overall appealing look. You will want to use a variety of different colors or designs and fonts to highlight different information and make it easier for someone to look at. Using different styles and fonts will allow for a better overall appearance and will also make it easier to find information. Business cards are small and compact which is why things like fonts and flow of information are important.

Keep Your Business Cards Professional

Although it can be fun getting creative and playing around with different designs and imagery, you also want to be sure you are keeping the overall look of your business card neat and professional. Try to stick with solid monotone colors at least for the most important information, and never uses designs that are too flamboyant and take away from the important information that is being portrayed. Never use more than two or three different fonts and always use colors that compliment each other well.

Keep your business cards professional, neat and organized and always look them over before ordering (e.g. from a canadian printing company) to ensure you get the quality that you need and remember to always have them available and your sure to find success with your cards. If you take these tips into consideration the next time you want to place an order for some new business cards your sure to impress your colleagues and potential customers/clients.