If you hand someone a sticker, I guarantee it will hang around much longer than a flyer would. Why? Well, people love stickers. They will stick them on just about any surface Рespecially if they are appealing to the eye. This is why sticker marketing  (check out Canada sticker printing) may be the exact route your company should take in order to appeal to new customers.

But Why Stickers?

Aside from being super cost-effective, a sticker has a more celebratory bearing versus a flyer or business card. When you hand a customer (or potential customer) a sticker, it conveys the message that they are being rewarded or receiving a gift. This simple gesture can drastically increase your sales. Also, because people are more likely to pay attention to the contents of a sticker, you can take advantage of this recognition by including more compelling details about your company.

How To Make Sticker Marketing Work For You

As with any type of marketing, you must appeal to the customer. Being that stickers are natural eye-catchers, your design must be attractive while truly reflecting the personality of your business. If your sticker has a pleasant appearance, customers will be eager to endorse your company, furthering your brand exposure. Bumper stickers are a great way to execute this technique. Not only can these be used on cars, but they are durable enough to adhere to any surface. Also, attaching stickers to your packaging is another way to thank your customers for their business. This little touch will help to build customer loyalty.

To make matters better, stickers are great conversation starters. You can hand them to strangers and children alike, and the typical response will be both warm and welcoming. Even if customer sticker marketing isn’t your sole strategy, you can surely benefit from handing a few out to help spread the word and build excitement around your business.